Lot 128


NASA. Space Shuttle ATLANTIS (Mission STS-106) approaches the launch pad on its giant transport trolley. It took eight hours to get there from the assembly hall, where it received the main tank and the two solid fuel boosters under its belly. August 14, 1999.vintage chromogenic print on "KODAK" paper. NASA logo and caption typewritten on the back. 24.9 x 20.2cm with margins.

NASA. Space Shuttle ATLANTIS (STS-106) closer to the launch platform on its giant transport carriage. It has 8 hours to get far from the assembly hall where she received under her belly the main tank and two solid fuel boosters. August 14 1999.1999.tirage chromogenic vintage paper "KODAK". NASA logo and legend typescript back. 24.9 x 20,2cm with margins.