Lot 119

INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF SURREALISM, 1959- 1960. Alert box, lascivious missives. Paris, Galerie Daniel Cordier, 1959.
Green cardboard mailbox with lid (18 x 28 x 6 cm), designed by Mimi Parent, containing a catalogue and various objects.
Famous mailbox-shaped object designed by Mimi
Parent for the international exhibition of Surrealism that opened on December 15, 1959 at the Daniel Cordier Gallery in Paris.
It includes :
- The catalogue, in-8 narrow, paperback, illustrated cover (nº 39);
- Le Corridor de Benayoun, folded sheet in a pink envelope marked "To be opened under no circumstances";
- La Perle fine by Alain Jouffroy, 4-page printed letter in a green water envelope;
- La Pointe by Joyce Mansour, in-16 in a red stamped envelope ;
- André Pieyre de Mandiargues, La Marée, in-16 oblong in an orange envelope marked "Usage externe" and stamped "Restez, enchantesse";
- A woman's pantyhose in a white envelope;
- Two copies of a telegram on pink paper, one folded, the other not [Duchamp];
- Eldemira B. in an envelope for airmail marked "Huit clos";
- A letter printed on both sides from Camille Mansour in an envelope;
- Letters from a sadist in a stamped tracing paper envelope marked "Avis de souffrance";
- A decal mounted on red paper in a yellow envelope marked "sois ardent en forêt";
- A double-sided 45 rpm record in a green sleeve containing La Brebis galante by Benjamin Péret, performed by François Dufrêne, and L'Ivresse religieuse des grandes villes by Joyce Mansour performed by Sacha Pitoeff and Dominique Farell;
- Five colour engravings in a filled folder [lithographs by Dax, Miró, Svanberg and Toyen; etching by Maréchal]; 6 colour postcards by Bellmer, Dalí, Gorky, Miró, Svanberg, Trouille, held by a banner at Daniel Cordier's address.
Edition of 250 copies: one of the 200, number 39 in the catalogue justification and inside the box cover.
Complete copy: the lid has been restored.

Location of the item
France - 75116 Paris