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Faïbich-Schraga ZARFIN (1900-1975)Navy, 1957Oil on canvas.

Signed lower right. 54 x 81 cmBibliography:
Zarfin, edited by Ernest Fraenckel, texts by Étienne Souriau, Jean Cassou, Waldemar George, Henri Hertz and Paul Rempenault, Geneva, Editions Pierre Cailler, 1963, reproduced plate no. 9 in black and
"The foaming sea, adorned with an undulation ten thousand times fractured in a way that can be playful or, also, threatening. Here is the eternal ambiguity of the liquid element that can enliven or annihilate. The sea - it is smooth and elusive, childlike, indomitable, and limitless - unlimited and enigmatic, like the woman in the world" (Ernest Fraenkel, Zarfin, Geneva, Editions Pierre Cailler, 1963, non-paginated).

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France - 75002 Paris