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Faïbich Schraga ZARFIN (1899-1975)La Communiante, 1957Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. 81 x 60 cmBibliography:
Zarfin, edited by Ernest Fraenckel, texts by Étienne Souriau, Jean Cassou, Waldemar George, Henri Hertz and Paul Rempenault, Geneva, Éditions Pierre Cailler, 1963, reproduced plate no. 8 in black and
"Is she real, this communicant who appears against a wintery, cold and icy background, collected, virginal, religiously moved but preoccupied - or unreal, back from a better world where she had already entered - like the young dead girl in Stéphane Mallarmé's "Three Storks" tale, who one Christmas night visits her inconsolable family? Her adornment is all interior, it is not worldly, it communicates with the Beyond, but continues to be interested in the Here below. Her inner warmth, nourished by a love that is more than human, contrasts with the coldness of a material world whose suffering will cease only when the warmth of the heart has melted the glaciers" (Text by Ernest Fraenkel, Ibidem).

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