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Faïbich Schraga ZARFIN (1899-1975)La Cathédrale de Rouen, 1959-60Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. 100 x 81 cmBibliography:
Zarfin, under the direction of Ernest Fraenckel, texts by Étienne Souriau, Jean Cassou, Waldemar George, Henri Hertz and Paul Rempenault, Geneva, Editions Pierre Cailler, 1963, reproduced
plate n° 25

.This work is also the subject of the cover of the same

"Here the cathedral imposes itself on us by its mass, it becomes authoritarian. But the peaceful, protective, pleasant character of the dominant blues makes us accept this authority, stifling the seeds of any movement of revolt [...]" (Text by Ernest Fraenkel, Ibidem).

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