Lot 200

Royal and Military Order of SAINT-LOUIS 1693-1830
Gold Officer's Star of the Order of St. Louis. (Restoration period).
Cross enamelled white on both sides with ball ends and flanked by four lilies. The center of the obverse is missing (red wax attachment), it represents Saint Louis at the foot surrounded by the legend: LUD.M.INST.1693(Ludovicus Magnus Instituit 1693).
A/. The center on a red enamelled background bears a flaming sword which passes through a green enamelled laurel wreath tied with white. Around the rim is the motto on a blue enamelled background: BELL (ICAE) VIRTUTIS PRAEM(IUM) "Reward of warrior courage". Striated ring. Scarlet scarlet silk ribbon decorated with a knot. Punch on the hanging lily: cock's head.
(12.75 g) 14.08 mm and 19.63 mm with the ring.
Centre of obverse missing. Slight glaze chips. Rare.
T.B./Very fine.