Lot 204

ORDER OF THE LEGION OF HONOUR First Empire 1802-1814
Knight's Star of the Order of the Legion of Honour in silver enamelled, tips pommé, centres in gold, a smooth ring punctuated with the lictori's bundle.
4th type (circa 1813). Reduction. Blood-coloured scarlet knot.
In the centre on the obverse, laurelled head of the emperor on the left surrounded by the legend NAPOLéON EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH on a blue enamelled background. In the centre of the reverse, the imperial eagle surrounded by the legend HONOUR AND HERITAGE on a blue enamelled background. Articulated suspension crown surmounted by a crucigerous globe. Smooth ring. Punch on the ring: boar's head.
(1.39 g) 12.08 mm and 21.06 mm
Slight flashes with white and green enamels. Superb centres. Very beautiful.