Lot 211

IIIrd REPUBLIC 8 November 1870
Gold enamelled Commander's Star of the Order of the Legion of Honour, tips
pommetées, golden center. Blood-coloured scarlet moiré ribbon with rosette.
In the center on the obverse, Ceres's head surrounded by the legend FRENCH REPUBLIC *1870* on a blue enamelled background. On the reverse, two 'tricolor' flags in saltire surrounded by the legend HONOR AND HERITAGE and two branches of laurel. Oval wreath of laurel and oak leaves surmounted by a ball through which passes the smooth suspension ring.
Hallmark: eagle's head. (19.16 g) 46.20 mm (1.5 in.) and 72.76 mm (2.5 in.) with the ring.
Splinters of white, green and blue enamels.
Superb centres.