Lot 214

founded by WALDEMAR II in 1219 and re-established by CHRISTIAN V on 12 October 1671
1st class Commander's plate in diamond-studded sterling silver edged with a red enamelled border (80.67 x 63.94 mm; 48.55 g).
In its original green case in the name of J/ Godet & Sohn Hof - Juwemiere, Berlin Schossfreifeit No. 4.
Embroidered plate of the same type.
(86.14 mm x 71.28 mm; 9.13 g).
In the centre of the silver plate: Monogram and motto in chiselled gold, Wcrowned for King Waldemar founder of the order in 1219 and legend GUD OG KON GEN (God and the King) at the ends of the cross and on the reverse side it reads: GODET IN BERLIN in a hollow cartouche. Suspension by tilting pin. Dark green original case, inside black silk velvet and satin. (Beginning of the 20th century).
The plate in silver cannetille and red tinsel is older and represents the same inscriptions on the obverse and on the reverse in thin skin is a handwritten inscription* with a pen in black ink. The original case is red with a smooth gold finish, the inside is made of red silk velvet and satin.
Superb state of preservation.