Lot 65

MARQUIS DE COISLIN'S CASE with a COLLECTION OF FORTY SEALS made of rosewood and copper nets, rectangular in shape with folding side handles, decorated on the lid with a copper plate chiselled with the arms of the Marquis de Coislin. Signed: "Aucoc aîné à Paris." The light leather-lined interior preserves on a removable green velvet two-sided case, forty seals, old seals, presented in the following forms: - eleven seals with handles: in ivory engraved with palmettes, in bronze in the neo-gothic style, in bronze in the neo-gothic style, in guilloché and tapered steel, in light and dark wood, including five wooden sockets with their small case; - twenty-nine seals in oval or round form, in steel or bronze, including five in steel with their swivel mechanism, a steel ring. In the lid protected by a glass pane: forty-eight seals imprinted with red wax on a single green background. Box: Length. 58.5 Width. 29.5 Height. 18.5 cm. Diam. of the largest wax stamp 4.5 cm. Diam. of the largest seal 4 cm. (two seals are missing from the empty shapes). Provenance: - family of the Dukes of Coislin, peer of France; - then Birkigt collection, founder of the brand Hispano-Suiza, Château de Penthes in Geneva; - his descendants. Casket by Aucoq Ainé housing the collection of forty seals of the Marquis de Coislin in the middle of the 19th century. Pierre-Adolphe du Cambout (1801-1873), Marquis de Coislin. Originally from Brittany, he owned a library whose books he had bound in green morocco with his coat of arms with his number. A history buff, he gathered these stamps from all origins and periods in this precious and spectacular box.