Lot 106

Pair of MUETS SERVITORS by THOMIRE in antique gilt bronze, with three crystal trays. The moulded ring grip rests on acanthus leaves ending in a volute. The baluster shaft is decorated with rings, grooves and water leaf motifs. The tripod base is adorned with three arabesque consoles decorated with acanthus leaves, each joined by a garland of laurel leaves. The crystal trays are engraved with diamond motifs. Signed on the plinth "THOMIRE A PARIS". Pierre-Philippe THOMIRE (Paris, 1751 - 1843). Circa 1815-1820. Height. 45 cm. (missing a screw, a chipped crystal tray). Pair of bronze silent servants by Thomire circa 1815. Comparable model: - Hôtel des Ventes de Saint-Dié, 11 March 2012, n°101, - Cheverny, 26th Garden-Party sale, Renoncourt collection, Me Rouillac, 15 June 2014, n°180. The Louvre Museum (OA 10221) keeps a pair of pieces, mainly tableware, with certain decorative motifs such as a ring socket with acanthus leaf motifs or volute consoles joined by a garland of laurel leaves.