Lot 125

Alberto GIACOMETTI (Borgonovo, 1901 - Chur, 1966) Lamp model "torch", small model, c. 1934. Bronze. Height. 44,5 cm. (electrified). The Giacometti Committee has confirmed the authenticity of this work which bears the number AGD 4151 and has been engraved. Provenance: - collection Francis Gruber (1912-1948); - offered by George Bernstein (1916-2005), widow of Francis Gruber as a wedding present to Marcel Degliame (1912-1989), known as Fouché, and his wife Jeannine Manuel, 1972. "Torch" lamp, small model, circa 1934, a bronze proof by Alberto Giacometti from the former collection of Francis Gruber. Our lamp comes from the collection of the expressionist painter Francis Gruber, a close friend of Alberto Giacometti, who made his tombstone in 1948. His widow George, daughter of the playwright Henri Bernstein, gave it as a wedding present to her friends Degliame in 1972. Janine accompanied her to launch the Kitchen Bazaar store in Paris in the 1960s, then in Tours. A trade unionist and great resistance fighter under the name Fouché, Marcel Degliame was also a man of theatre and television, directing the Theatre of Babylon. The lamp adorned his desk until his death. LOT REVENUED on FOLLE ENCHÈRE by Mr Cristobal del Castillo de Mora y Aragon, rue de Montpensier in Paris, honorary member of the Jean-Michel Frank committee and partner of HL Castillo, rue de Montpensier in Paris, whose president is Mr Jean-Paul Hureau, also Deputy Managing Director of Oudart Patrimoine. Bibliography: - Christian BOUTONNET, Rafael ORTIZ, Diego Giacometti, Paris, Les Editions de l'Amateur, Galerie l'Arc en Seine, 2003, another bronze print reproduced p. 43. - Pierre-Emmanuel MARTIN-VIVIER, Jean Michel Frank, l'étrange luxe du rien, Paris, Norma Editions, 2006, other illustrated versions pp. 28, 29, 68 and 152. - Adolphe CHANAUX and Léopold Diego SANCHEZ, Jean-Michel Frank, Paris, 1997, a proof titled "Lampe à piètement géométrique" reproduced p. 239. The lamp "Tériade" The Giacometti Foundation keeps in its collections several plaster and bronze copies of this model. One of them, in white plaster (AGD 511) comes from the former collection of the publisher Tériade. The catalogue of the sale of Alice Tériade's estate (Artcurial, Paris, 20 October 2007, no. a49) states: "This model was also called by Annette Giacometti "Tériade lamp". Tériade had owned this lamp for many years and had placed it on her desk in rue Férou. Some drawings by Alberto Giacometti illustrate it." "Giacometti Gruber un regard partagé", "Alberto Giacometti and Francis Gruber have known each other since the early thirties. Their studios are next door in rue Hippolyte-Maindron, not far from the villa d'Alésia, in a mythical Montparnasse where artists renew aesthetic codes. The assiduous practice of drawing tightens their friendly ties, which will not slacken. Giacometti regularly went to Grüber's studio, where he drew "Nude in the studio" in relation to the tall figures who, from 1946 onwards, reappeared in Giacometti's studio, and in particular with Annette". Galerie de la Présidence, 2017 Giacometti et les arts décoratifs "Giacometti's real involvement in the world of decorative arts really developed from his meeting with the decorator Jean-Michel Frank, with whom he collaborated regularly throughout the 1930s. More than just a working relationship, it is a true friendship that will develop between the two men and will only come to an end with the tragic death of Jean-Michel Frank in March 1941. In each of these projects, the decorator used many decorative elements already designed by Giacometti, (table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights, vases), but also commissioned new pieces. Among Frank's collaborators, Alberto Giacometti occupies a special place. No design is complete without including at least one of his creations. In all, the sculptor will invent nearly a hundred models for the famous decorator" in Thierry Pautot, Giacometti Foundation.