Lot 213

AUTOMATIC MUSIC BOX with BIRD BIRD in silver. On the lid, a medallion engraved in relief of a head carrying a flowery basket, in a frame of bird couples at the fountain, opens to discover an automaton bird adorned with natural feathers. The front takes up the face of the medallion, surrounded by two dolphins; the other faces are engraved with motifs of birds and interlacing. The box rests on four applied feet whose corner falls show women in armour. The mechanism opens with a thumb-rest in the shape of a bird with outstretched wings. Goldsmith: Karl GRIESBAUM (Germany, 1872-1941). Punched: Strerling, 925, ED. Height 6.2, Length 10.8, Depth 6.7 cm. Gross weight : 590 g. (with its key). Automaton music box with whistling bird, by the silversmith Karl Griesbaum. Bibliography: extremely close models illustrated in the catalogue of Karl Griesbaum. For comparable music boxes: - Paris sale, 21 September 2018, lot n°137 - Paris sale, 19 March 2018, lot n°185 - Paul Pastaud sale, 8 April 2018, lot n°37