Lot 229

HOLLISH SCRIBAN COMMODITY in marquetry and ivory inlays on three sides. The moving front opens with four drawers and a sloping flap with shower. It unveils a paper holder with eight drawers and a central door flanked by piles with ionic capitals. The front claw feet extend into projections across the corners. The multicoloured marquetry takes the form of flowered vases, open flowers treated in a naturalistic manner and interlacing. Dutch work from the 18th century. Locks and ram handles probably added. Height 105, Width 124, Depth 68 cm. (marquetry on the back, slits on the sides, modern locks). Dutch inlaid scriban chest of drawers from the 18th century. For similar but less rich models: - Paris sale, 14 June 2013, lot 209; - Paris sale, 4 December 2009, lot 143.