Lot 245

Suite of TEN PLATES after the South American Bird Service in porcelain with polychrome and gold decoration in the center of an exotic bird placed on a garland of gold foliage tied on two supports in the Greek style, the wing decorated with a frieze of various plants on each plate. The birds are named on a gold-bottomed cartouche: Para toucan, orange redbird, king of the flycatchers, Java eurylaine, Guiana robin, manu ode, green roe, kingfisher, azure drongo, pink kingfisher. Plants named in black on the reverse side. Marks and date apocryphal of Sèvres, 1818. In the style of Sèvres, 20th century. Diam. 24.5 cm. (two plates with gobs). Suite of ten procelain plates after the South American Bird Service in the style of Sèvres, 20th century. Between 1818 and 1825, Alexandre Brongniart called upon Pauline Knip for the Sèvres manufactory to decorate a dessert service named South American Bird Service. Pauline Knip visited the Museum of Natural History to select the birds she wished to represent. She refused to come and work at the Sèvres factory, preferring to paint in her studio in Paris, on Boulevard du Montparnasse, where each element of the service was brought to her for decoration. This service was delivered in 1826 by order of Charles X to the Duchess of Angoulême, daughter of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. An ice-cream pail is kept at the National Museums and Galleries of Wales in Cardiff and has recently been the subject of an article (Oliver Fairclough, "An ice-cream pail from the Sèvres South American Bird Service", The French porcelain Society journal, vol. II, 2005, pp.133-143). Eight plates, two Melissen sugar bowls and three hemispherical fruit bowls are kept at the Hillwood Museum in Washington (Liana Paredes Arend, Sèvres Porcelain at Hillwood, 1998, pp. 89-91 and Marcelle Brunet, Marvin C. Ross, "The Sèvres Service of South American Birds at Hilwwwod", The Art Quaterly, 1962, pp. 196-208). The present plates are based on the principle and style of Pauline Knip's birds, standing out against the white porcelain background, set on a gold garland.