Lot 246

CARTEL D'ALCOVE and its CUL de LAMPE by FURET in marquetry Boulle. Brass engraved on a brown tortoiseshell background, with an ornamentation of gilded bronzes such as putto resting on a sphere on the damper. Dial with twelve enamelled compartments showing the hours in Roman numerals and the minutes in Arabic numerals. Signed "André FURET, PARIS". Threaded movement. Chain striking on passage and on demand. Early 18th century. Jean- André Furet (circa 1690-1778), received Master Watchmaker in May 1710. Height 50.5, Width 23, Depth 13.5 cm Total height 72.5, Width 26, Depth 15.5 cm (escapement and hands changed, marquetry missing and accidents, added elements). Provenance: private collection, Rennes. Cartel of alcove in marquetry Boulle by André Furet ringing on demand.