Lot 312

RED FIGURE ATTACK SKYPHOS with BALL GAME. On one side, a young man dressed in a himation, holding a strigile in his right hand and a ball in his left hand, a box at his feet. On the other side, a draped girl looking in the direction of the young man, a ball and a utensil hanging behind his head, a box on the ground in front of her. Three circles painted under the base. Greece, region of Athens, 5th century B.C. Height 13.1 cm. (vertical crack behind the girl). Provenance: - Julie & Ugo Rempte collection, New York (acquired before 1980) ; - Artemis Gallery Ancien Art, Louisville, Colorado, August 17, 2016 (certificate of authenticity) ; - collection of an honorary consul of France, Touraine. Red-figure Skyphos from the ball game. Attica, 5th century BC. The representation of a ball game on the vases of this period is an allegory with erotic connotations for Greeks of marriageable age. See Veronique Dasen, "Games of Love and Chance in Ancient Greece", Kernos [Online], 29