Lot 314

AMPHORUS with BLACK FIGURES NECK, with ATHENA and DYONISOS painted in two registers. On side A, the main register, on the belly, shows a man with his military equipment (helmet on his shoulders and shield at his feet) extending his right hand towards Athena, herself armed and extending her left hand. On either side is a woman with flippers. A skullcap on the far right. The upper register, on the shoulder, shows in the centre a duel of hoplites, with on the left a woman holding a palm and on the right a bearded man holding a stick (pedotribe). The whole is framed by two large eyes. On the B side, the main register is centred on Dionysus, a canthare in hand, surrounded by two silenes carrying a hare, ivy leaves and an oenochoe. On either side are two menades with ivy in their hands. The upper register depicts an athlete with a woman on the left and the pedotribe on the right with a horse behind him. The whole framed by two large eyes. Greece, region of Athens, surrounded by the painter of Antimenes, c. 530-500 B.C. Height 41.7 Diam. col. 16.7 cm. (visible breaks and collages, without notable lack. Would deserve a restoration).

Provenance : collection of an honorary consul of France, Touraine.

Amphora with black figure neck painted on two registers with Athena and Dynonisos. Athens, entourage of the painter of Antimenes, c. 530-500 BC.