A fine French cabinet, veneered in tortoiseshell, 17th century
The rectangular oak corpus mounted on small, volute-shaped feet, the grained tortoiseshell veneer with a red lining. The top and sides embellished with fine inlays of silver wire. Eight drawers on the front, including one double drawer, with moulded frames and escutcheons in relief. The oak drawers on the inside of the base veneered in cherry wood, these separately lockable, and decorated with ebony thread inlays. One drawer with partitions for writing utensils. Dimensions 44 x 68.5 x 29 cm.
Attention - shipping to non-EU countries subject to CITES.
Condition: II

Condition Report:
In good condition, no major damage or repairs. The tortoiseshell veneer with slight age cracks here and there.

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