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BANIER Antoine & LE MASCRIER Jean-Baptiste - PICARD Bernard

General history of ceremonies, morals and religious customs of all the peoples of the world, represented in 243 hand-drawn figures by Bernard Picard [...].

Paris, Rollin fils, 1741, 7 volumes


Full vintage roasted veal. Back with 7 ornamented nerves. Title and tomaison pieces in ox-blooded morocco. Dishes surrounded by a triple golden fillet. Flattened caps, some skinning, blunt corners. Some slightly browned notebooks, worm gallery in the margin of the first pages of volumes IV and VII without damage to the text.

New edition of this work originally published in Amsterdam from 1723. This edition was published under the direction of Abbé Banier, but the reworked or corrected text and the new essays are due to Abbé Le Mascrier. The plates are, for the most part, the same as the Amsterdam edition.
Magnificent work illustrated with a frontispiece in volume I, 227 plates and vignettes, headbands and culs-de-lampe by Bernard Picard (except for a few by Duflos and others).

Includes :

- Volume I : General frontispiece to Volume I entitled "Table of the main world religions" + "Religious ceremonies of the Jews" (15 pl.) + "Religious ceremonies of the Catholics" (14 pl.).
- Volume II : Continuation of the "Religious ceremonies of the Catholics" (33 pl.) + "Historical memoirs for the history of the Inquisitions" (5 pl.).
- Tome III : " Religious ceremonies of the schismatic Greeks " (9 pl.) + " De la religion & des cérémonies des chrétiens qui se ont se
gave the name of Protestans, Evangelists & Reformed" (10 pl.).
- Volume IV : Continuation of the "Religious ceremonies of the Protestants" (14 pl.).
- Volume V : " Religious ceremonies of the Mohammedans " (23 pl.) + " Religious ceremonies of the idolaters " (18 pl.).
- Volume VI : Continuation of the "Religious ceremonies of the oriental idolaters" (44 pl.).
- Volume VII: "Religious ceremonies [...] of the Americans" (34 pl.) + "Religious ceremonies [...] of the peoples of Africa" (8 pl.).

It is attached

[THIERS Jean-Baptiste & LEBRUN Pierre]

Ancient and modern superstitions: vulgar prejudices that have led people to uses & practices contrary to religion [...].

Amsterdam, Jean Frédéric Bernard, 1733-6, 2 volumes in 1 vol.


Full vintage calf. Back with 7 ornate nerves. Title coin in red morocco. Split jaws. Small missing part on the upper back. Dry leather back. Scrubs and epidermis.

These two volumes are normally part of the first edition of the book. They are decorated with 12 plates.

Set of 9 volumes in 8 volumes. Voluminous study dealing with Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism and the traditions of China, Japan, the Americas, the Pacific Islands and Africa. This book marks a change in attitudes towards the sacred and different beliefs, spreading the idea that they can be compared and criticized in equal terms. It greatly inspired Diderot and D'Alembert to write the Encyclopaedia.