Lot 521

Plate with smooth rim, polychrome and gold decoration called "kakiemon with yellow tiger": a tiger near a bamboo faces a flowered knotty trunk, seedlings on the wing, brown net on the edge.
Marked, 18th century, circa 1735-1740,
diameter : 23,8 cm.
Wear to the decoration, two old restored ginnings on the border and two small 0.5 cm faels on the border.

The "yellow tiger" service is one of the first services made for the Royal Court of Augustus the Strong. The poncif is inspired by a Japanese model by the Kakiemon potters of the city of Arita.
For a similar model see: "Triumph of the blue swords. Meissen porcelain for Aristocracy and Bourgeoisie 1710-1815". Staatliche Kunstsamnlungen Dresden, 2010,p 277 n'239.