Lot 287

statue representing a kneeling figure, arms crossed on the torso, head and back covered with a coat on which are represented snakes. This mantle is reminiscent of the mantle of Carthaginian Tanit - the mantle of a high priest? (cf. de Grunne). According to the field survey conducted by B. de Grunne in 1984 and 1985 in the inner Niger Delta, this position with arms folded is practiced to ask the help of the Gods.
"The human figures covered with snakes represent very important figures who would have the power to command the snakes" (de Grunne, p. 38, doc. 6).
Terra cotta in the state of discovery, not restored.
Circa XII-XVIth century A.D.
30 x 14 x 19 cm approximately.

Abu Sanogo, Bamako, 1980.
Kassoum Sidibé, 1980.
Collection A.B.H., Paris, 1990.

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