Lot 102

Dancing character
China. Earlier Han period, 2nd-1st centuries BCE
Grey terracotta. H. 27 cm
Rare statuette representing a character following an exceptional stylization process tending towards abstraction. The flat stylized head is attached to the top of a body making an incredible twist prolonged by a single bent arm.
The few rare statuettes of this type were once considered to be representations of archers, but archaeological discoveries tend to favour the hypothesis that they were dancers.
As Jean-Paul Desroches pointed out when he published in the catalogue "Compagnons d'éternité" Paris 1997, another piece of the same type offered to the Musée National des Arts Asiatiques - Guimet by Robert Rousset in 1978 (MA 4652), "In any case, this sharply severed arm, combined with the dynamism of the movement, endows this figurine with an expressive force that is singular and unique in the history of sculpture".


- Estate of Madame Anne-Marie Rousset
- Former Robert Rousset collection (1901-1981)