Lot 176

Very fine, rare diptych sundial in ivory Dated 1569
This features a gilt metal plaque inscribed as follows: "I belong (Sum) to Master V.D. Joachim Haller (Magistro V. D Ioachim Haller) Consul of the Great Council of the Nuremberg Republic of Letters (P Amplii Senatus reipublicae Norim-bergae Consule). Director in charge of its temples and schools (Templorum and Scolarum Praefecto Gubernatore) D.S.F.C. Heiden 1 January of the year of salvation 1569 (Anno Salutis 1569 Cal.The.)" The golden top features a large calendar in engraved brass with the months and festival marked on the rim. In the centre of this is a disc with the days of the month, and on this a mobile hour disc. The signs of the Zodiac are symbolically engraved around these mobile discs. There are two small calendar discs at the corners. Sides B and C each contain an hour scale. They are linked by a thread axis. A fine compass is contained in the horizontal table. Christian HEIDEN (1526-1576)
Size: 3.7 x 2.5 in. (Crack in the table)
Zinner, a similar sundial, photo plate 27