Lot 85

■ƒ 18th CENTURY NORTHERN ITALY SCRIBAN OFFICE In poplar and resinous wood with lacca povera and mecca decoration, with blue background decoration of gallant and buccolic scenes and flowers, the upper part opens with two leaves revealing thirteen compartments, one of which is closed with a leaf, the flap revealing five drawers and a secret housing two drawers and a compartment, the lower part opens with three drawers, the front uprights with a cut edge decorated with a course of foliage ; some restorations and uplifts with H decoration and slits.Height: 237 cm. (93 ¼ in.) ; W.: 127cm. (50 in.) ; P.: 55 cm. (21 2/3 in.) - (USD 14,142 - USD 21,213)

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