Lot 146

■ƒ PORCELAIN SERVICE PARTY OF THE ROSE FAMILY ARMORIED CHINA, DYNASTY QING, CIRCA 1740 Each coin is decorated in the centre with the coat of arms of the Ross family of Balnagowan and the motto "Nobilis est ira leonis". The edges are underlined with a gold frieze. Consisting of two large circular dishes (D.: 44 cm.), one circular dish (D.: 34.5 cm.), two salt shakers (L.: 8.5 cm.), one bumblebee (L.: 24.5 cm.), one circular covered terrine (D.: 23.5 cm.), two circular dishes (D.: 23.5 cm.), two circular bowls (D.: 23.5 cm.). (D.: 24,5 cm.), one circular covered terrine (D.: 33 cm.), two large basins (D.: 39 cm.), four circular deep dishes (D.: 34 cm.), one large dinner plate (D.: 31,5 cm.), eight small dessert plates (D.: 16,5 cm.). There are also four small dessert plates with the coat of arms of three red lions (D.: 16,5 cm.). L.: from 11,5 to 41,5 cm. (from 4 ½ to 16 ¼ in.) - (USD 9,428 - USD 14,142)

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