Lot 18

Rare Louis XV lacquer Bureau Plat
73 x 134 x 75 cm.
Stamped: DUBOIS (Jacques Dubois, master from 1742).
Paris, c. 1750.

Wooden body worked in black lacquer. The four narrow edged and curved legs standing in gilded bronze sabots, the knees also decorated with chased bronzes. The frame has five drawers with a central raised drawer and four flanking drawers. Both sides with extendable top with red leather trim (restoration note from 1844 on the underside). Slightly overhanging top plate with bronze profile and red leather writing tablet with gold hallmarks in the middle of a black lacquer profile. All sides with red crysanthemum blossoms with gold lacquer foliage on black ground. One key available. Rest.

Jacques Dubois (1694-1763) was Ébéniste du roi, but also worked for Princess Louise Élisabeth, the Duchess de Parme, the Duc d'Orléans and for the nobility of his time. His speciality was, as can be seen in our furniture, working in lacquer décors, which often refer to East Asian lacquers, but always realized in the highest quality.

A chest of drawers of his hand is kept in the Musée Carnavalet, a chest of drawers and a Bureau Plat can be found in the Musée du Louvre. (12409218) (2) (13)

Rare Louis XV lacquer bureau plat

73 x 134 x 75 cm.
Stamped: DUBOIS (Jacques Dubois, master since 1742).
Paris, ca. 1750.

Jacques Dubois (1694-1763) was a royal cabinet maker and also worked for Princess Louise Élisabeth of France, The Duchess of Parma, the Duke of Orléans and for other noble families of his time. He specialised in lacquer decoration referencing East Asian lacquers of very high quality, as is the case in the piece on offer for sale in this lot.

Examples of comparison:
One of his commodes is held at the Musée Carnavalet and the Musée du Louvre holds another of his commodes as well as a bureau plat.