Lot 19

Pair of important figurative candlesticks
Height: 56,5 cm.
Rome, late 18th century.

Interesting combination work. Base resting on four marble spheres with a grooved and chiselled ormolu hoop from which the octagonal base is developed with its segments staggered on two levels in alternating marbles. One upright burnished figure each, a cornucopia with fruit-mediated spouts merging into ormolu. Patina partially rubbed, marble minimally cracked. (1240365) (1) (13)

A pair of important figural candelabra

Height: 56.5 cm.
Rome, end of the 18th century.

Interesting combination work. Grooved base slab decorated with chased ormolu ring, resting on four marble spheres, supporting octagonal substructure developing into a two-storied structure of alternating types of marble and graduated segments. Each holding a standing burnished figure with cornucopia with fruit-shaped candleholders in ormolu. Patina rubbed in places, marble with minimal cracks.