Lot 90

Classicist Demi Lune table
79 x 78.5 x 43 cm.
Germany, 18th / 19th century.

This table is designed as a gateleg table, with a frontal bent leg and a cube capital above it with simple circular ornamentation. Frame framed by two brass profiles in plain veneer. Hinged cover plate and fourth leg that can be lifted out to the rear. The top plate is shown centrally with a nautical star, in the middle of root wood veneer. The furniture is attributed to Johannes Klinckerfuss. Brass frame slightly dented.

Cf. a console table by Klinckerfuss is listed under the number M334 at Wolfgang Wiese, Johannes Klinckerfuss (1770-1831): Ein Württembergischer Ebenist, Siegmaringen 1988, plate 24. This table is also semicircular and designed in a simple Empire style, but without the folding top and with different ornamentation. (1241433) (1) (13)