Lot 102

Pair of French figurative Empire candelabras
Height: 77 cm.
France, early 19th century.

Face-to-face figurative candelabras worked in ormolu and burnished bronze, over square base with lancet leaf pattern. The plinth zone with a cast matted figurative Empire relief on the obverse side with the allegory of reading and seeing. Standing on it is the full-round cast and burnished female figure with richly pleated garments and antique-style tied hair. In her hands is a bowl with a vase on it, slenderly shaped in antique form with figural relief and carrying three firing points, with a central peg knob on top. (12410112) (13)

A pair of figural french Empire candelabra

Height: 77 cm.
France, beginning of the 19th century.