Lot 113

High quality miniature furniture masterpiece in the form of a baroque 18th century chest of drawers
Height: 79 cm.
Width: 58 cm.
Depth: 28 cm.
20th century

The three-part construction shows a powerful two-panel chest of drawers, supported by a base with four short, curved legs that are set at an angle and extend into carved C-arm frames. The corners are beveled, with curved pilaster strips placed on them in the chest of drawers and in the upper part. The central section is drawn in, with three drawers convexly curved in the front. The top, which has been pulled in again, protrudes convexly in the middle, with four drawers at each side, crowned by a rising tail gable with a C-shaped rocaille cartridge at the end. Central door with vase decoration in the form of inlaid flowers, the vase is chased in brass. The fittings are all gilded, on elaborately worked veneer with herringbone and ribbon inlays. The furniture possibly made as a masterpiece. (1241432) (1) (11)