Lot 114

Dutch top cabinet
265 x 205 x 75 cm.
Netherlands, 18th century.

Two-door and three-door furniture with rich vegetable and figural marquetry. Pressed volute feet with richly moved low-hanging frame. The flanking cheeks of the three drawers are designed as baluster segments and picking up the fine floral inlays of the drawer decorations, and their profiled connection to the corner pilaster strips of the upper corpus gives them a height-adjustable appearance. The two doors curve upwards towards the centre and are cartouched in walnut. Filled with floral bouquet in vase and flanked by plinthed figure inlays representing men in armour. The cartouche border with fine rocaille carving. The doors also in-walled with fine, partly coloured floral inlays, thus effectively contrasting with the walnut veneer. (1240921) (2) (13)

Dutch cabinet

265 x 205 x 75 cm.
The Netherlands, 18th century.

Two-door cabinet with three drawers with opulent vegetal and figural marquetry.