Lot 424

Renaissance Cabinet
Height: 55.8 cm.
Width: 74 cm.
Depth: 35.5 cm.
Augsburg, 16th century.

The superstructure in softwood, inlaid with various woods. Rectangular, profiled, supplemented plinth with a rectangular corpus standing on it, the latter with an architecturally conceived front typical of the period. The front is vertically divided into three segments, the central one of which is accentuated by a round arched door. This and two of the surrounding fluted Doric columns can be opened as a central compartment, accompanied on the sides by drawers with pilaster strips and pointed gables (one is missing). Drawers above and below, which are finely inlaid with typical, partly coloured inlaid depictions of architecturally composed landscape. The drawers each have a wooden pull handle, surmounted by a projecting profiled cornice. At the sides with cast iron handles in the middle of ornamentally inlaid and partly coloured cartouches. Dam., erg. (1241451) (13)