Lot 459

Religieuse, Baltazar Martinot, Paris
Height: 46 cm.
Width: 31 cm.
Depth: 13 cm.
Under the number ring cartouche with work master signature.

High rectangular box construction in dark polished wood with foot and cornice profiles, front frame and segmental arched crowning. It is decorated with gilded relief decoration in the form of acanthus tendrils with blossoms and a crowning coat of arms with a baron's crown, held by two lion protomes rising from acanthus blossoms. Front door glazed, underneath dial ring in polished brass with Roman hours and Arabic minutes, hands finely cut and engraved. The corners are decorated with appropriate relief decorations.
brass movement with polished rectangular back plate, also signed "Baltazar Martinot Paris". Lock plate striking mechanism on top bell with hammer blow. Pendulum on thread hanger, key available.

Court watchmaker to Queen Anne of Austria, subsequently became watchmaker to the Royal Council. According to his inventory he probably kept the largest stock of clocks in Paris. His customers were mainly from the nobility. Works of his hand can be found in well-known museums such as the Louvre, the Musée de Cluny or the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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