Lot 460

French rococo pendule with wall console
Height: 121 cm.
The movement is marked "Pierre du Chesne Paris".
France, 18th century, using an earlier movement with small additions.

Wooden case, waisted at the bottom, emerald-green lacquer finish, supported by four curved C- and S-shaped feet, rich gilded bronze decoration that surrounds the glazed front frame, richer and openworked in the pendulum area. Crowned by a centrally raised attachment, with an openwork, almost vase-shaped motif with acanthus leaves standing on it. The plinth is designed accordingly, closely guided towards the bottom with gilded bronze fittings at the bottom and pulling up at the edges. Body in oak wood, dial in white enamel with Roman hours and Arabic minutes. Composed of trapezoidal cartridges. The hands are elaborately worked, finely openworked and chased and gilded. Rectangular horizontal brass plate movement, five turned movement pillars, spring winding, later converted to lever escapement. Half-hour and hour strike on bell with engraved lock plate. Pendulum with metal spring suspension, pendulum key available. Movement designation on the back plate. (1240608) (11)