Lot 466

Fireplace clock by Le Roy à Paris
Height: 46 cm.
Width: 39 cm.
Depth: 14 cm.
Signature on the dial: "Le Roy, Horloger de S.A.L. et R. Madame" (watchmaker's reference to his function as purveyor to the Queen's court).
Around 1820.

Figural structure in gilded bronze above a green marble pedestal supported by four gilded spindle feet, above which is a rectangular case base with a movement set into it. Crowned by a figuratively designed canapé, supported by four winged antique hybrid beings, which bronzes furniture. On it a young mother breastfeeding her child between cushions placed on the sides and decorated with tassels. A quality finish. White enamel dial with Roman hours and blued Breguet hands. Central calendar hand. The bronze base is supported by four trestle feet. Eight or fourteen-day movement, pendulum on thread suspension, lock disc striking mechanism on bell. Movement covered by opal glass door at the back. Key available.

The manufacture goes back to the famous family of watchmakers of the company founded by Pierre le Roy (1717-1785) and Julien le Roy (1686-1759), and continued until the beginning of the 19th century. (1240786) (1) (11)