Lot 468

Elegant Empire ladies' salon watch from Le Roy
Height: 53 cm.
Width: 36 cm.
Depth: 15.5 cm.
Signature "Le Roy H. de Madame/ à Paris" on the dial.

Bronze, fire-gilded. Structure in the form of a longitudinally rectangular plinth, semicircularly indented at the corners, above spindle feet. Emblems of science, such as globe, telescope, compass and other scientific elements are embossed on the front of the base. Above it a couch with cushion, on it a young lady reading a book in her hand. In front of it, free standing, an antique oil lamp and a stool with two slippers. The lounger is covered by a canopy of cloth that is raised and swung in at the sides, which extends over the clockwork above, with fringes hanging down frontally. Crowned by a laurel wreath with fire torch. The figurative theme illustrates the view of the late 18th century with the accentuated and developing doctrine of women and the sciences, which as a whole assigned a new role to women in the Enlightenment. White enamel dial with Roman hours and Arabic minutes. The hands with lily tips, gilded and finely chased. Pendulum on thread suspension, fourteen-day movement, lock disc striking mechanism with half-hour and hour strike on bell, thread regulation above the dial.

The manufacture dates back to the famous family of watchmakers in the company founded by Pierre le Roy (1717-1785) and Julien le Roy (1686-1759), and continued until the beginning of the 19th century. (1240787) (1) (11)