Lot 679

Pietronella Peters,
1848 Stuttgart - 1924 ibid. GIRLS PLAYING

oil on canvas.
27 x 21.5 cm.
Signed "Pietronella Peters" at lower right.
In a gilded splendid frame.

In a distinguished interior two young girls, completely absorbed in the play with a doll's house. One of the girls sits on a small wooden chair in a lace dress and a large pink bow tied at the back. She has her arms in the doll's house, which is open at the front and at the top and stands on a high armchair. Standing to her right is a taller girl with dark blonde hair, tied with a brown bow and a white blouse, and a blue and white striped dress above. In her hand, behind her back, she is holding a doll, but she is not as interested in it as she is in the red cloth-covered walls of the doll's house, which she looks down on in a state of rapture. Loving typical motive of the artist, who is specialized in paintings with playing children. (1241354) (18)