Lot 692

Mother of God of Kazan
30.5 x 27 cm.
The oklad punctuates with Moscow inspection of 1766th Central
Russia, mid 18th century, the oklad Moscow.

Egg tempera on wood. The oklad embossed in vermeil. The Mother of God of Kazan is one of the most venerated icons of the Russian Orthodox Church. Often the painting is enhanced by valuable materials, such as here the gilded silver oclad. The veneration goes back to a legend, after the icon is said to have been found by a girl in the ruins of a burnt down house, after troops of Ivan the Terrible had burned down the city of Kazan in 1579. From 1612-1920 the picture or a copy after it was venerated in the Moscow Kazan church. The original is considered lost today. (1241477) (13)