Lot 708

Staurothek icon with cloisonné
cross 40.5 x 35 cm.
18th century.

Egg tempera on wood. This type of icon is called Staurothek icon, which means bearer of the cross. A metallic or wooden cross is in the middle of the icon and can be taken as a blessing cross. In this icon, the cross is cast in bronze and enamelled, the ground with four representations from the salvation event. The blessing cross faithfully reproduces the crucifixion scene in detail and grows out of Adam's skull as a sign of the resurrection and the overcoming of the Old Covenant. The first bar indicates the city of Jerusalem, above the cross God the Father and the Holy Spirit are enthroned in the form of a dove. Marginal inscriptions referring to the representation complete the decoration. The side facing away from the picture with prayer inscriptions, the blessing cross on the back with floral motifs. (12414721) (13)