Lot 714

Vita icon of St. Nicholas of Myra
72 x 57 cm.
Russia, 18th-19th century.

Egg tempera on wood. Multi-field icon with central depiction of St. Nicholas of Myra in half figure with the Holy Scripture and nimbus. The gussets between nimbus and shoulders filled with representations of Christ and the Mother of God. Twelve fields surrounding the central icon with polychrome depictions of the life of the saint, who lived in the 3rd and 4th centuries and worked as bishop in Myra (now Demre in present-day Turkey) in the 4th century. Today he is one of the most famous saints of the Eastern Church.

Exhibition during the tennis tournament in Rosmalen in the Netherlands.
Exhibition in the town hall, Bruges, Belgium, August 2004 (12414714) (13)