Lot 717

Mother of God of Pokrov
34 x 28 cm.
Central Russia, first half of the 18th century.

The icon depicts the Pokrov theme (Russian: veil, protective cloak) which is particularly popular in Russian painting. In the centre of the composition, which is rich in figures, Our Lady spreads out her maphorion (shoulder cloth), which was in the church of Blacheren, with her belt, as a protection over the people present. The Byzantine hymn singer Romanos Melodos is depicted centrally in the lower iconographic register as he sings inspired by the Mother of God. To his left the Emperor and the Patriarch of Constantinople, to his right Epiphany and Andreas Salos. Mary turned to Jesus, who appears in a cloud at the top left. On the right in front of the Blacherenkirche next to Mary John and a group of saints. Border above with picture title. (12414710) (13)