Lot 726

Icon of the Mother of God of Tikhvin
31.2 x 26.5 cm.
Northern Russia, 17th century.

Egg tempera on wood. In a high rectangular deepened painting ground the seated figure of the Holy Mother of God, the Child Jesus sitting on her arm facing her. Her nimbus overlapping the edge of the picture. The Mother of God of Tikhvin or also Tikhvinskaya is also known as the "Northern Queen" and was discovered 30 kilometres north of Ladoga. Her feast day in the orhodox church is the 26th of July, people pray before her especially for the health of the children and the healing of their diseases. According to the legend, the icon was already kept in Constantinople and 70 years after the fall of the city and its capture by the Turks, the icon disappeared from the city and appeared to fishermen who threw their nets, hovering over Lake Ladoga until it stopped near the city of Tikhvin, where a wooden church was built for her. (12414716) (13)