Lot 1073

Adriaen van Ostade (1610 - 1685)
or Adriaen Brouwer (1605/06 - 1638), train

oil on wood. Parquet flooring.
36 x 26 cm.
In baroque frame decorated with flowers.

Inside a house three peasants sitting in front of a large fireplace and another standing man, who, just like one of the sitters, is stuffing his pipe. With his left hand one of them holds the already smoking pipe upwards and turns his gaze back to the others. In the background a woman looks down on the sitters through an open wooden door. On the left side of the picture, spatially separated by a wooden beam, one sees a small low cupboard on the wall, on top of it a shiny golden bowl, a shining jug and a hat, lying on a green sheet. Hanging above it on the wall is a board with two other objects. On the floor of the foreground, on the left, there is a small stool, on top of it a white cloth and a shiny clay jug with a tin lid. Painting in which the green and beige-brown tones predominate. Particularly striking is a small white sheet of paper with a portrait fixed to the fireplace. Rest., retouching. Frame minimally dam. (1241484) (18)