Lot 1087

Eugène Galien-Laloue,
also known as "Jacques Lievin",
1854 - 1941 Paris Painting

, watercolour/ gouache on paper
Ca. 18 x 31 cm and ca. 19 x 31 cm.
One signed "J Lievin 95" at lower right, the other signed "Lievin. 1900" at lower left.
Each in passepartout, framed behind glass.

The first work shows a wintry road leading to a large city, where numerous figures and horse-drawn carriages can be seen. The road leading down into the depths is flanked by old street lamps. In the distance, the silhouette of the city can be seen under a high grey sky.
The second work shows in summery fresh yellow-red and blue colours the broad shore of a city situated at the harbour. Numerous large sailing ships and many smaller boats anchor in the water. Numerous figures also enliven this depiction; in the background the lowered awnings of shops and a church. The bright summer light falls from an unknown source from the right and casts larger shadows, especially from the figures. Representations typical of the artist.

The artist had not only the name Jaques Lievin as a pseudonym, but also other names, among them Louis Dupuy, M. Lenoir, or A. Michel. The French painter was especially known for his Parisian street scenes from the time of the Belle Époque. (12410818) (1) (18)