Lot 81

Six-leaf screen covered with wallpaper varnished in imitation lacquer, Manufacture Jules Desfossé, circa 1855,
plate print on continuous paper in gold and brown on a black background; decoration of a staircase and pagodas animated with many busy Chinese characters, some fishing or busy at the tea ceremony. Wallpaper pasted on wood panels, (traces of humidity, varnish cracked in places), 194 x 47 cm for one sheet.
"In his last pied-à-terre in Paris, rue Hamelin, Marcel Proust had next to his bed a wallpaper screen with the same pattern as this one. It is now kept in the Musée Carnavalet "
Provenance: Former Paul-Louis Weiller Collection

Bibl.: Jacqué (B.), Wallpapers, The History of 18th and 19th Century Motifs, Vial, 2010, reproduced p 208