Lot 386

Lot of various costume jewellery including :
- rush bracelets and oriental cuffs in metal or silver alloys, some decorated with cabochons of decorative stones,
- three rush bracelets, two in gold metal, one in enamel
- seven gold or silver plated metal brooches, some enhanced with enamel: knot, cock, owl
- four bracelets: bracelet, links flowers, purple
stones - a Sileo desk alarm clock in gold
plated metal - eight watches various
bracelets - two necklaces in bone pearls, a necklace in silver plated metal owl, a necklace of imitation pearls, a necklace in gold plated metal with chain bracelet,
- various pendants, debris and elements of costume
jewellery In the state

We join:
- a set of silver jewellery (800 °/°°° or 925 °/°°°): three rush bracelets, one of which is set with an opaline cabochon, a gadrooned ring (size 53), a chain, and a bracelet set with three medals. Total gross weight : 171 gr.
- a baptismal box containing brush, comb and bone spoon, silver for the spoon (Minerva, 950 °/°°) and filled silver. Net weight spoon handle: 15.2 gr. Presented in a Chaffanjon shop box. Accidents.