Lot 512

Emile-René MÉNARD Paris, 1862 - 1930
Swimmers on the beach
Oil on canvas (Original canvas),
signed 'ER Ménard' on the lower right hand side
Canvas of the Paul Foinet house
64 x 80 cm (25.20 x 31.50 in.)
Exhibitions: Salon des Beaux-Arts, Paris, Grand Palais, 1" April - 30 June 1921, n°799
Salon des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, according to a label on the back
Comment: It is in a particularly effervescent artistic context that Emile-René Ménard grew up. His father, a painter, art historian and director of the Gazette des Beaux-Arts, quickly introduced him to the great classical masters while introducing him to his friends and the most brilliant contemporary painters of the time, Millet, Corot and the emulators of the Barbizon school. Initially trained in Henri Lehmann's studio, he later joined the Académie Julian where he benefited from the teaching of Paul Baudry and William Bouguereau.
Ménard quickly became known for his twilight landscapes subtly tinged with evocative symbolism. Our painting, which arrives to us in a very beautiful state of conservation, is a marvellous example of his art where female figures, referring to an ancient fantasy so dear to the artist, blend into an idealized imaginary landscape.
Our canvas was created by our artist in 1921 and exhibited at the Salon des Beaux-Arts the same year. He produced several versions with some variations and different sizes, proof of his success and the artist's attachment to his composition.