Lot 417

Louis XIV (1643-1715). Gold medal 1663, struck on the occasion of the visit of the Swiss ambassadors to Paris for the renewal of the Franco-Helvétic alliance, by Jean Warin.
Av. Bust in uniform on the right. Rv. Louis XIV accompanied by his son the dolphin Louis XV, laying his hand on the altar on the left. On the right the Swiss ambassadors, first and foremost the mayor of Zurich Johann Heinrich Waser, also laying his hand on the altar, above it divine rays with the Holy Spirit represented by a dove.
Mazerolle l, 41. 55 mm. 116,78 g.

Extraordinary medal, a masterpiece by Warin. Superb

The alliance of the King of France with the Swiss cantons is ancient. It was first signed in Fribourg in 1516, after the battle of Marignan, and renewed in 1601, during the reign of Henri IV. In 1663, Louis XIV received a delegation of Swiss ambassadors in Paris to renegotiate the treaties formerly signed between the two countries. The treaty signed in Solothurn in 1601, which had been obsolete since 1651, had to be revised. A delegation of 227 people was received in the Louvre on 11 November 1663, with great pomp and circumstance, and on the following 18th, 36 ambassadors pledged their allegiance to France in the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. Each received a gold medal similar to our own. Beyond the cost of such a reception (nearly 20 Louis per gold medal and its chain), it is an image of power that Louis XIV wishes to give through this spectacular issue of heavy and precious medals. He is the Sun King and wants to remind everyone of this. Moreover, it is perfectly conceivable that the silver copies then struck were offered to the other members of the Swiss delegation. In which case, the circulation of this medal would be around 36 gold and 191 silver copies.