Lot 225

A large collection of Royal Doulton Poppies B, Series Ware designed by Charles Noke, introduced in 1909, pattern D.3225, D.3226 and D.3227, printed in colours with Art Nouveau poppy flower stems, comprising Pink Poppy wash basin and ewer, two chamber pots, a large pail and cover, soap dish and drainer, covered bathroom pot, tea set for two, extra large teapot and cover, rectangular sandwich tray, cheese dish, large footed bowl, two jardinieres, three bowls, two jugs and eight plates, Blue Poppy wash basin and ewer, two jugs, a candlestick, two shaped bowls, a large plate/wall plaque and six various plates, a Yellow Poppy jug, two bowls, and twelve various plates, printed factory marks, 43cm. diam. wash basin, (a lot) Provenance The collection of Pam and Mark Taylor.